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Additional commercial and residential services

Our commercial service is designed to provide the same high standard

of cleanliness as afforded to our residential users.

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How much does it cost?

Our pricing varies depending on your needs. All details can be found on our Sign Up and pricing page.

How is Bin Cleanse environmentally conscious?

We use biodegradable disinfectants and deodorizers. Then at the end of the day, the recycled water is dumped properly and never into our city sewers. Therefore, the water we use never reaches our streams and rivers.

You claim to recycle and therefore save water, how do you do this?

With our machines, our trucks are able to clean your cans with high-pressure jets. The water from the jets collect in the truck and is filtered and recycled through again. The average individual uses about 80 gallons of water per can cleaning. We only use an average of 125 gallons of water TOTAL each day, that is then recycled. . .to potentially clean hundreds of cans.

Does bad weather affect my service?

Bin Cleanse reserves the right to delay or cancel service due to extreme weather conditions or other factors that are out of our control. Exceptions to normal service will be made in the case of extreme weather, such as very heavy rainfall, extreme cold conditions, hail, heavy snowfall, icy road conditions, tornadoes, hurricanes or other forces of nature. Keep in mind we are working with water and an expensive machine/truck, so ice in our system can cause damage, and spraying water in cold conditions can cause slippery conditions for our employees. We respect the safety of our employees and will not ask them to risk their lives during such situations. In some of those cases, it might just delay the service for hours, or it could cancel the service that day. If service is canceled due to weather, your service will be re-scheduled or credited. In almost any case that the garbage/recycling trucks are not running, we will not be running due to the fact that we need the trash/recycling cans to be empty.

Are you insured?


What if I forgot to leave my trash/recycling cans at the curbside on the day of my cleaning?

If you realize that you have forgotten to place your cans out, or maybe you are on vacation for an extended time, please call or send us an email. If it’s your last cleaning or one-time cleaning, we will reschedule that cleaning for you as soon as possible. If you do not contact us to let us know your cans are not out before we arrive at your address for your scheduled cleaning, then we will not be able to credit you considering the expenses we will have incurred to arrive at your address.

What happens if I move or decide to cancel my service?

If you move, you can always send an email or call us and let us know when you want to stop service at one address and start at another. If we don’t service the new address, then your service will be canceled 30 days after notification. If you are not moving, but just want to cancel the service, your service will be canceled after 30 days and any pre-payments outside 30 days will be refunded.

Do I have to clean both my trash and recycling cans?

You can sign up one or the other, or both. It varies for everyone, but most people eventually sign up for both once they have received the service and realize how convenient and nice it is to have clean trash and recycling cans at such an inexpensive cost.

What about holidays?

If the city is picking up on a holiday, we will too. If they are not, we will pick up on your temporarily scheduled pick-up day.

Can’t I just hose my bin out from time to time?

Sure you can, but you’re just giving your germs and harmful bacteria a cold water bath with as much as 12X or more the amount of water used in just one service cleaning from Bin Cleanse. It’s also likely that the waste water and harsh environmentally damaging cleaning agents you’ll use will go down the storm drains and DIRECTLY into our waterways… which is against the law.

Once I sign up and make my first payment, when will my service start?

You will be notified of your start date shortly after you place your service order.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept major credit cards. All initial payments must be made in advance of the first cleaning due to the fact that most cleanings are done without the owner of the cans being present. If you start your service by speaking with the Bin Cleanse driver, he/she will be able to sign you up and take your first payment in person. All cleanings that follow on a scheduled basis will be charged the day they are cleaned, unless pre-payment has already taken place.

How do I sign up for the Bin Cleanse service?

Simply go to our web site at www.bincleanse.com

What does it mean to be “Green”?

The cleaning process used by Bin Cleanse is completely environmentally friendly! Our mobile units use a non-toxic, biodegradable solution delivered in combination with a powerful stream of hot water. This solution leaves a natural, pleasant scent without the use of harsh chemicals. Additionally, all waste water is disposed of safely at a locally-approved treatment facility.

What if I’ve taken my bins inside by mistake on my regular cleaning day?

We provide all clients with a reminder email days prior to their scheduled service day. If and when this error would occur, we will do our best to arrange another date within the week to get your bins taken care of.

Are you a franchise?

No. We are an independent, service-disabled veteran owned company

Do you clean and sanitize bins year round?

Your trash doesn’t take a break and neither do we! In the event of severe weather conditions, particularly in the winter, we may suspend service for the health and safety of our employees. In these situations we will either delay the service, or in the event a monthly visit is skipped we will make the necessary accommodations.

You have cleaned my trash bin, but it’s not fully clean. Why is this?

We have found that some of the trash and recycle bins we clean can take a few cleaning cycles to remove the grime that has built up over time. We’ll make every effort to clean your bin to the highest standards, and in time, we have found that our high powered hydro-cleaning system will remove the most stubborn grime. In the meantime, Bin Cleanse has eliminated the odors and germs in your bins.

How will I know when my scheduled cleaning will be?

We’ll schedule your cleanings on your trash collection day. Once you sign up for service, you’ll be notified by email or text of your initial service and schedule.

Can I have my bins cleaned just one-time only?

Yes we offer a one time cleaning, but in most cases customers decide they prefer their bins to stay clean and sanitized once they have used our service.

What if I forget when my scheduled cleaning day is?

We’ll send you a reminder email or text a day before your scheduled cleaning.

How will I know my bin has been cleaned?

In addition to your bins looking and smelling clean, we’ll affix a brightly colored and easily removable label to the lid handle to confirm that the bin has been “BIN CLEANSED” and is certified safe to go back into your garage.

Can I alternate or rotate bins each cleaning cycle?

Unfortunately no. Each container has its own identification, and only bins that have a scheduled service will be cleaned.

Why should I clean my bins with regularity?

This is trash we are talking about after all and trash bins do get dirty and often smell badly despite our best efforts to bag and contain our waste. Trash bags rip and contents, especially liquids, ooze to the bottom. Regularly scheduled cleanings of your bins will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you are being proactive in safeguarding your family’s health and well-being. And bottom line, when you use Bin Cleanse, your bins won’t stink!

Why should I clean my bins?

Typical household waste bins not only show visible signs of grimy build-up, but most importantly waste bins are breeding grounds for potentially harmful microbes commonly referred to as germs, such as Listeria, Salmonella, e-coli and Staph as well as insects and vermin all of which can spread illness and even disease. Our powerful cleaning system will deliver the knock-out punch to grime and germs leaving you with squeaky clean bins!

Get your bin cleaned for less than $10 a month!